Wednesday, September 30, 2009

3 Column: Dancer, beige

What's your color?

If you prefer darker center in this background, go here.

The Code (Updated 12.12.2011):

<style type="text/css">
body {background-image: url(""); background-position: center; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-attachment: fixed; }
<div id="tag" style="position:absolute; left:0px; top:30px; z-index:50; width:150px; height:45px;">
<a href="" target="_blank">
<img border="0" src=""/>
post signature


Kilauea Poetry said...

I cannot believe the colors here..they are so rich and enchanting! What a nice job-

Beebuzz said...

I like the backgrounf it really pretty.I like how you made the signature.Can you tell me how to make one?I really like it.


Elegia said...

Kilauea Poetry, Thank you so much!

Beebuzz, thank you! I have write the signature by myself with Bamboo - drawing board.

I can post instructions how to add signature to your blog. I do it later today - at first I drink my morning coffee ;)

Anonymous said...