Thursday, October 1, 2009

How to add a signature to your blogger blog

1. Load your signature for example to Picasa or Photobucket.

2. Then copy your signature's URL-address. Paste the address to the code below.

<p><image class="centered"alt="post signature" src="add here the URL-address" /></p>

Now you have the signature code and here's how you add it to your posts.

1. Go your blogg's Settings and choose ”formatting”.

2. Scroll the page down and you find ”Post Template”.

3. Add the whole code there and save.

Ps. Ohjeet suomeksi täältä! (instructions in Finnish, go here!)

post signature


Floppyj10 said...

Thanks so much for this! =]

Kilauea Poetry said...

Really..thanks..yours looks beautiful-

Brenda Grace said...

I am having a slight problem - why would a little logo come up with 'post signature' and a red cross? I saved a signature in picassa and I have a blogspot blog. When I past the url of the signature and your added bits either side no luck. Started from fresh twice and still no luck,I have tried removing the 'http://' bit in case that was the problem still no luck. What might I be doing wrong because I so love your signature concept.

Elegia said...

Thank you all for yous comments!

Brenda Grace, It's hard to say why your signature doesen't work. Is evertyhing ok in your code? You can click the image (to enlarge it) on this post and check the code.

It should look same like in the image (expect your URL-address is different: remember paste the whole address including http://...)

Brightstar said...

how do you load your signature?

Elegia said...

Brightstar, I have the signature image in my picasa account.

Sugarpie said...

Thank you!!

Great to know. I saved this page to my favorites, now to go create a signature! ;)