Monday, June 28, 2010

A Little break

I'm sorry for being away and not replying your comments. I've been sick and still am. Don't know what's wrong with me, but gladly I'm in Finland and receive treatment.

I'll be back when I feel better. I wish you all lovely summer time!

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peggy gatto said...

I am sending good karma your way and will be thinking of you!!!

Kilauea Poetry said...

Hi there..I hope things will be looking up for you soon. I'm in a very similar situation (waiting to hear back from some tests)..Anyway, don't worry- you just have to take care of yourself! My best to you! Hugs and a prayer across the ocean..Regina-

Sharon said...

So sorry you are sick and Hope you get will soon!
Praying for you! Sharon

Shirleyanne said...

Hope your health improves very soon! Take care Elegia!

Becky said...

So sorry that you are ill. Hoping you are well very soon.

Antikladan i Lilla Edet said...

Wish You Love & Light.
You can get some power if you like from here:
It is an amazing site, I read Lornas Book, and I getting better after that. The healing Angels are behind you. Dominique

Elegia said...

Thank you all so much. I am ok now, but still in Finland (having a vacation now).

I'm traveling to my London home in start of April with new fresh ideas!

See you soon, but in the meanwhile enjoy the summer :))


Minty said...

Sorry to hear that you're ill.

Get well soon, and I'm sure we all look forward to you coming back well and refreshed, ready to create more beautiful backgrounds for us to use **hugz**

Dragon said...

Sending you positie vibes, Elegia.. I love your work and hope you soon see a silver lining. Hope you will soon feel much better. Thanks so much for your beautiful backgrounds...

mangusti said...

Parane pian! ♥

Sugarpie said...

So happy to read in your comment that you feel much better now!
Hope you're enjoying your vacation and are jazzed with lots of creative energy by now.
Take good care of yourself.