Thursday, June 9, 2011

My backgrounds and new Template Designer

Here's some instructions how to use my backgrounds, if you have the new (well, not very new anymore) template designer.

It’s very easy. At first make sure you have signed in your Blogger account.

Then just read the text here and if necessary click the images to see them larger.

First choose “Design” and “Template Designer”

TEMPLATES: Choose template “Awesome inc.” (it’s the third template) and click APPLY TO BLOG.

BACKGROUND: Choose Background and remove the background image and click APPLY TO BLOG.

LAYOUT: Next choose the LAYOUT you prefer. In this example I choose 2 columns. We’ll be back to “Adjust widths” next, but let’s make this first.

ADJUST WIDTHS: You can choose how many px is your entire blog. If you have 2 columns blog, my backgrounds are usually suitable for max. 780px.

ADVANCED: Here you can choose your font, the text size etc.

The most important thing here is to remove the background areas that don’t belong to my background.

You can of course leave to your blog the post- and gadget backgrounds (they're those dark boxes, as you can see in the image) if you want.

Now I show how to remove those boxes from your blog: Choose Post background. Watch instructions in the image below.

Do the same thing with Gadget Background.

If you don’t want any background or border in the images on your blog, choose Images and change the background and border colours to transparent.

I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

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Sandra Botelho said...

Eu amo tudo que vc cria.parabens.Beijos

Elegia said...

Thanks, I guess! :))

Art by Susan, Creative Art Designer said...

Your work is amazing....I could not take my eyes away from your website. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful talent with the world.


Lainie said...

Such a beautiful backgrounds! Thanku so much for sharing them with us. I will definitely put your shop button on my blog. THANKU!

Moni said...

Hello Elegia!

Many thanks for this excellent description. I was afraid I would now always take this terribly ugly backgrounds of blogger and I could therefore not personal to me more to bring on the page except for the posts - it would have been a pity.
Thanks again I can through your beautiful templates make myself a little homelike on my side.


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