Sunday, December 18, 2011

Background update

In the previous post I told you about the problems with some of the background codes. I have now fixed them all, so all the codes are correct and free to use.

If your background has shrunk and does not fit to your blog you should replace the old code.

All you need to do is

1. erase the old code and
2. put the new code in the same place.

I am so sorry for the harm. If you still have problems, please leave a comment and I'll do my best to help you :)

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Anonymous said...


My background is not working either. Is there any one column backgrounds - I don't want to use 2 or 3 columns?

Thanks for advice,


Elegia said...

Hi Solja,

Could you tell me what background you have, so I can check if the code is correct here.

I f you have only one column in your blog, you can choose whatever background.

Anonymous said...

Can't remember where to find the name of the background...

But if I'll use whatever other background it will not change the look into 2 or 3 columns?


Anonymous said...

Ok, I tried and succeeded! Like your background so much, I don't want to change.

Thank you very much for the beautiful artworks!


Synnøve. said...

Thank you so much... I changed the background and then i worked again. But know I can take back the other one I had.
You make such beautiful backgrounds :))

I whis you merry christmas and a happy new year.
Hugs from Norway.

daniela said...

Dear Elegia, I have been using one of your backgrounds for a very long time and I am very satisfied (I love it!). Unfortunately it doesn't work any more and I don't remember either the name or the code. Could you please help me? You can find me at the following address:
Thank you so much and congratulations for your creativity.

Elegia said...

Thank you dear friends!

Daniela, here's direct link to the fixed code:

Thru Pink Curtains said...

hello my background still needs to be enlarged could you fix this also. thankx!!

Elegia said...

Thru Pink Curtains, I've already fixed it.

You should replace the old code with the fixed code. You get the fixed code here:

You wrote about it earlier in the previous post and answered there. :)

daniela said...

YYYYEEEESSSS! My blog is OK now! You're great! Have a nice Xmas holiday. Daniela

Inspire Others said...

To My Awesome Background Diva,
Eligia, Thank You so much for bringing joy to my blog and life. I enjoy featuring your backgrounds at my spot, I wanted to wish you many blessing for this Christmas and a Prosperous New Year 2012. Stay Well my friend☺♥☺
Happy Creating!

arlu said...

I am very sorry that you have to close your blog, i really like the work you do, all the templates for my blog are of you. Thank you again and i hope that the universe will allow us to find ourselves again

Thru Pink Curtains said...

THANK YOU!! for fixing it

gittan said...

Hi Elegia! I can´t find the background I´ve been using lately and since I like it sooooo much I'd love to have it at my blog again. It´s one from the Leaf Vine but it's black...
The old code: =( I thought I could put the code here for you but it wasn´t allowed...

If you´re abel to help me with this I´ll be sooo greatful / gittan

Elegia said...

Hi you all, I am not closing this blog! This is only a notice about the broken codes. They all should be fixed now, but if you can't find the code, please just let me know and I'll help you!

Gittan, thank you for your comment and I am sorry about the mess.

Below is the direct link to the fixed code :)

gittan said...

Thank you <3
I think your backgrounds are great, real art!

Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

I was trying out your backgrounds to pick a new one (I LOVE your backgrounds!) and this one has not been fixed:

Just thought I'd let you know. =O)


Elegia said...

Michelle, thank you for you comment and letting me know about the problem! I am so sorry about the nuisance.

The code is now fixed: