Saturday, December 10, 2011

Problems with the backgrounds

I have noticed that all the codes of the older backgrounds are "broken". I believe that the picture links has been changed by Blogger/Picasa (all the image links are in Picasa).

This is very harmful, because it will be a huge job for me to fix all the links. But I will start fixing them right away.

I want to thank you all, who emailed me and let me know about this problem. Without you I haven't noticed the problem. So thank you so much, and I am sorry about the disturbance and harm this cause to you.

If you are using my background and it has shrink not to fit to your blog, please leave a comment and link to the post, where the code is. I will fix it right away.

Update 10.12.2011 about 7:20 pm (UK time).

I've fixed almost all the backgrounds now. There're still some codes to be fixed. I'll fix the rest latest by tomorrow.

Anyway, if you have problems, feel free to leave a comment or email me and I can fix the certain code right away. :)

Thank you so much for your patience!

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Riikka said...

This is broken, too! Thanks :3

Elegia said...

Riikka, thank you for your information! It's fixed now :)

La Minomalice said...
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La Minomalice said...

I hope understand my bad English. I had put"London II" (Saturday, February 20, 2010) . Now I have a template provisionally Like you have got. But, I would like "London II!. Sorry my bad English!!

A greeting from Spain!!

Elegia said...

La Minomalice, thank you for your comment! The code is fixed now :)

Barbara Silver said...

Thank you so much, for fixed your backgrounds (especially this one: :)
I love your works, and i have to say i was a little concerned about it, but now I'm ok. Great, great thanks to you :D

Cheers :))

Elegia said...

Hi Barbara, thank you for your comment, the code is working now :)) Just erase the old code and put the new one there :)

La Minomalice said...

Thank you, Elegia!!!

A greeting,

Sue Young said...

HHHEEELLLPPP!!!!!My beautiful blog just broke!!!

Elegia said...

La Monimalice, I am happy to hear the background is ok now :))

Sue Young, I am so sorry about the disturbance. You need to remove the old code and put the updated one there.

Here is a direct link to the new code:

Kleurrijk said...

Hi Elegia,
I hope you can help me as well?

Elegia said...

Kleurrijk, here is the new code (link below)

You should remove the old code and put the new one there.

Thru Pink Curtains said...
hello my link has broken also, i absolutely love this design, would be so happy if it could be fixed!!!
merry christmas and happy new year to you!

Lena Celine said...

Elegia said...

Thru Pink Curtains, Thank you for you lovely comment and I'm sorry about the harm!

You should replace the old code with the fixed code. You get the fixed code here:

Just remove the old code and put the new one there.

Elegia said...

Lena Celine, It seems that the background is ok in your blog :)

Hilda said...

Hello Elegia,

at first I wish you merry christmas.

And now..... can you help me please?
It's broken and I cannot find the right code. Thank you very much.


Elegia said...

Hilda, a very merry Christmas to you too :))

Thank you for your comment, just fixed the code and below is the direct link to it :)

Hilda said...

Elegia, many thanks for your so quick help. A big surprise in Christmas. Now my Blog is okay again. Thank you very much.

Donna said...

Elegia, myös tämä blogipohja on epäkunnossa, samoin

My blogs are broken too.

Best regards

Donna said...

My donnanikkunasta -blog is now OK. I succeeded to fix it.


annna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
natusik said...

Sorry, the same thing in my blog should I do??? Best regards, Natasha.

Anki said...

I don't know what template I was using and changed back to a blogger one. However, I was left with your little logo with the bird and the text "Elegia's Backround Garden" over my About me -section. How do I get rid of that?

Thank you,

Elegia said...

Natusik, you should replace the old code with the new fixed one.

You get the fixed code here:

Anki, You should remove the gadget, where the code is.

Go Design and choose Page Elements. Then remove the HTML/JavaScipt gadget, where the code is.

natusik said...

Elegia, thank you!!! You made me happy!!!!! My best wishes and bear hugs!!! Natasha)))