Thursday, July 12, 2012

Back at home

New backgrounds are coming soon. In the meantime you can visit my art blog or my Facebook page! You are more than welcome to like my page :))

My art blog, click the image to get there.

Facebook, click the image to visit there.

I've been also asked to tell something about myself. I really don't know what to tell, so please feel free to ask, if you have something on your mind. Just leave a comment and I'll reply (tomorrow, I'm going to sleep first) :-)

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Rachelle said...

Löysin ihan vahingossa tänne ja siis ihan mielettömän ihania taustoja!!! <3 Upeaa! Ajan kanssa tulen itselleni taustan täältä valitsemaan :)

Elegia said...

Kiitokset ihanasta kommentistasi, Rachelle <3